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"Amy is a wonderful soul who is highly educated in helping new mothers care for their newborns. She is well informed. Pre-birth of my son she made me feel confident in my decision making. During birth she made sure everything went as planned and what I desired. Post birth, she has become my friend and helps me understand breast feeding and helps me around the house. All around, my experience this pregnancy has been amazing because of Amy. If you're a new mom, or if you are an experienced mom with a newborn on the way, please take my advice and trust in Waves Embrace to help you get through this beautiful transition to a new beginning. Thank you, Amy, for being just that and more for me! :)"


"Doula Amy is such a wonderful soul. She's very passionate about being a doula (birth AND postpartum) and fighting for what mama wants. She helped me stand tall and be confident and educated in my decisions. Whatever I chose to do, she was there and she was supportive of me and what I wanted. The very first time we spoke, simply asking her if she was available led to me being in tears because of how supported I felt! She isn't just physical birth support, she's emotional support. Above and beyond! Thank you doula Amy!!"


"We couldn't have done it without you!! Being first time parents you really made me and my husband feel really comfortable through this whole process before, during, and after labor. We can't thank you enough and will forever be grateful."


"Words cannot describe how thankful I am for all you have done for me since we have met. I am extremely grateful for my birth journey and the way you helped me gracefully bring baby J. into this world. I could not have done it without you. I am truly blessed to have you in our lives and helping us with our new life journey."


"Amy did an amazing job in my first birth experience with a doula. She did well with Kaiser staff, presented my birth plan to staff and made sure it was followed. My husband and Amy worked well together. She was very professional."


"Amy provided my husband and me with exemplary Doula service that not only met my personal needs as a first time mother, but also the needs of my family. From the moment we met her, she made us feel at ease. During our time together, she provided us with valuable information that helped me prepare my body for birth and guided me through a birth plan. Her prenatal skills were very impressive, which played a huge role in my delivery. Her collaboration in my support team was highly influential as she provided me with physical and emotional support during my prenatal, birth and postpartum period. Amy is passionate about her work, and I would highly recommend her to a new and expecting mother in need of birth support."


"We we hired Amy as our doula to mainly help advocate for my wishes of a vba3c, however we didn't get the birth we expected and ended up with a breech baby. She helped educate me on all birthing outcomes and helped me realize what my body was going thru and ways to manage my lower back pain with different positions.

Amy has been coming to our home and helping with postpartum care, which includes things like cooking dinner, helping with the kids so i can get a well-deserved nap or shower, helping with light household chores, etc. My kids absolutely adore Mrs. Amy and she's become like family to us!

I really really can't say this enough, but if you're having a baby or maybe even know someone who is, consider a doula!"​


"I honestly could not have gotten through my labor without Amy and all of the support she brought to me!"

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